Weather Forecasting Department ( WF ) in IMD is concerned with Analysed Weather Charts, where all the charts are manually marked minutely with everydays events and weather parameters, this Research and Scientific selected on Daily basis and recorded in various RC's and RMC's .. [Read More]

How to use

Software Developed by MIDAS especially the linking of Charts functionality

  •   Uploading synoptic parameter of Excel Worksheet in the DataBase Table
  •   Synoptic Search
  •   Linking of the Digital Analyzed Weather Charts to the Synoptic Search
  •   Overall Software Development

Professional People who have detailed thorough Knowledge of Synoptic Systems and Meteorological Aspects of Synoptic Systems, want Synoptic Search Engine to be innovative in order to handle the following tasks efficiently

  •   Multiple QUERIES efficiently
  •   Descriptive Synoptic Charts Search
  •   Innovative, Informative Dynamic – CHART SEARCH
Which is incorporated in the search engine seamlessly