Weather Forecasting Department ( WF ) in IMD is concerned with Analysed Weather Charts, where all the charts are manually marked minutely with everydays events and weather parameters, this Research and Scientific selected on Daily basis and recorded in various RC's and RMC's .. [Read More]



DATA RESCUE SCHEME was necessary to be implemented because of the following reasons :-
  • ACCESSIBILITY - This Data was inaccessible because it was stored in various store rooms in random manner along with other Sheets of Data, it took weeks and sometimes months to trace a particular charts
  • To Search a specific Sheet it was impossible for the IMD officers to access the old data, so the officer were depended only on the latest 3-5 years of Data for Analysis and Research Purposes
  • VALUABLE DATA – this data of such great importance was lying unused
  • Since this Data was very old some Paper Sheets started Decaying and were deteriorating day by day and there was possibility of losing all the important Data
  • In future this Data can also be used by various other Governmental Bodies for their Research work and linked to their DataBases
  • This Data can also be used in Collaboration with other Global Community and Countries for better Analysis and Forecasting
  • VALUABLE FOR FORECASTING AND ANALYSIS – Once the data is Digitally Photographed, named and proper search engine be developed this valuable data would be made available to the Scientific Community just by the click of mouse